Non Stop Emergency Towing Solutions in Kanata

Kanata’s Premium Emergency Towing Solutions

Almost any kind of situation in which a car has to be towed is an emergency situation to one degree or another. You can never really anticipate when your car will decide to break down as it is not really on schedule, to say the least.

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How to Quickly Overcome Emergency Towing Situations

That is why Mighty Towing provides you with a couple of important advantages that will help you quickly and effectively cope with emergency towing situations:

  • Availability: we offer a 24/7 available emergency towing service, because we know it can catch you off guard. Being always available means you will never be left alone.
  • Quick response: emergency is exactly what it means – an emergency. That is why there is no extra time to waste and why we keep very short ETAs, until we get to the scene of events to tow you away to safety. Roads can be a dangerous place, especially if you are stuck with your car in the middle of it all, while speeding vehicles pass right beside you. That is no place to linger in.
  • Professionalism & local experts: Mighty Towing provides an excellent and professional service as we gladly serve our local community of Kanata. Even though there is an emergency at hand, you should be treated with patience and a respectable manner. These are very stressful situations we are dealing with here, but we always make sure to be patient and kind. That is what makes all the difference and what helps us ensure our customers’ full satisfaction.

Meeting the Road Head On

Our experts gladly provide Kanata motorists with a variety of solutions, including:

  • Dolly towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Gas filling service
  • Flat tire replacement and fix
  • Car lockout service
  • Garage door repair
  • Dead battery jumpstart and replacement
  • Light to heavy duty towing
  • Accident removal
  • All types of roadside assistance services

Just Stay Put, the Cavalry is Coming

All you have to do is make the call to our dispatch and the emergency towing service’s wheels are already in motion. You will not have to wait long, so just stay where you are in order to keep away from any additional danger the road might bring your way.

If you are in the area of a car accident, do not try to move any vehicle parts on your own, you must wait for our professionals. You can be rest assured that they are trained to deal with any emergency situation. Our bonded technicians arrive with the most cutting edge machinery and tools that are especially designed to cope with difficult situations.

For our emergency towing services in Kanata call (613) 663-2888