24h Professional Heavy Duty Towing Services in Kanata

Mighty Towing Specializes in Heavy Duty Towing Solutions

So far as heavy duty towing is concerned it is essential that things be done in the most professional manner. The forces exerted during heavy duty towing operations (especially while loading and unloading the vehicles towed) are so great that risk of property damage and bodily harm is great.

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If you are in or anywhere around Kanata and are in need of heavy duty towing make sure to call in true professionals, calling us at Mighty Towing is the best choice you can make, we lead the field in all types of towing, heavy duty towing included, we are always on the job (24/7, all year round), guaranteed fast arrival time to any location within the greater Kanata area and offer hard to beat rates.

Top of the Line Heavy Duty Tow Trucks, Highly Skilled Techs
At Mighty Towing of Kanata we have what it takes in order to provide you with the best possible heavy duty towing service. We hire only fully licensed, highly experienced tow techs who take pride in being able to provide assistance to motorists in need of towing or roadside assistance. We provide our top of their field techs with the best possible equipment, state of the art, perfectly maintained, heavy duty tow trucks complete with all the gear necessary in order to tackle any heavy duty towing challenge.
It is this combination of highly professional techs and top of the line top trucks and accompanying gear which ensures that from us you will receive nothing but top class heavy duty towing service.

Always Available, 100% Reliable
When you need heavy duty towing you want to have someone you can call in immediately and not wonder whether they are available or not. At Mighty Towing of Kanata we operate round the clock each and every day of the year. Whenever you call us we will always have a manned heavy duty tow truck ready to be sent off your way immediately. So far as reliability goes, with us you can be sure to get exactly what was promised, we have earned a well deserved reputation for providing Kanata’s motoring community with top class service, being a local company this has always been our goal.

Super Fast, Highly Professional, Competitively Priced
With Mighty Towing you’re sure to get the best possible heavy duty towing service in Kanata for the best possible price. We are highly professional, lightening fast and offer hard to beat rates. We will arrive fast to any location in or around Kanata, once on spot our techs move things along faster than you would think possible, all the time making sure that safety comes first. We can tow any type of heavy duty vehicle including trucks, busses, mobile homes etc.

Since we aim for full customer satisfaction we make sure that our top class heavy duty towing service comes complete with highly competitive rates. We abide by a strict honest billing policy, with us there’s no chance of encountering any unpleasant surprises such as hidden costs.

For our heavy duty towing solutions in Kanata call (613) 663-2888